Fifteen years of pantomime experience as  a Junior and Senior chorus dancer together with her unmistakable acting talent earned KAYLEIGH the lead role of Marian in the Grove Park Theatre pantomime 'ROBIN HOOD' in December/January 2005/2006. It was during this run that she approached Annie Lewis with the suggestion of  starting a dance group so that the dancers could work on routines throughout the year to improve and better their experience and performances. So began DANCING SHOES WREXHAM in January 2006 with Kayleigh as one of the leading Senior dancers together with the pantomime chorus members and some of their Mums.


Her talent was such that her knowledge and enthusiasm led her to become a Choreographer in 2007 even though by now she was working away from home as a performer in her own right.  She continued to teach in between contracts and her choreography for the superb routines 'Roxanne' from the 'Moulin Rouge Medley' and 'Ladies Choice' from 'Hairspray'  in 2008 showed imagination and energy. At the end of her EVITA contract  she returned to  Wrexham to contine her training and was PRINCIPAL CHOREOGRAPHER from 2008 until 2010.  


She always returns to see the students when back home and even though her visits to classes in between contracts are brief all  welcome her enthusiasically despite the knowledge that she will push them to and sometimes beyond the limits of their capabilities. Song and Dance have taken Kayleigh to some spectacular resorts since she began and in May 2014 she continues her career as a professional entertainer when she starts the new season as an Entertainments Manager in Menorca.


Her hard work and commitment have earned her the right to be where she is today.